Bowmen of Backworth

Official Club documents

Our Constitution: Club Constitution (PDF, 86KB).
Our rules and etiquette policy: Rules and Etiquette (PDF, 90KB)
Our social media policy: Social Media Policy (PDF, 42KB)
Our standing procedures for field setup and safety: Standing Procedures (PDF, 507KB)
Archery GB’s policies (Code of Conduct, Data Protection, etc.): Policy Documents | Archery GB (external link)

Club Records

These are the highest scores in our archives for the various rounds our members have shot. They are updated every three months.
Men’s records as of June 2023: Club Records, Men, June 2023 (PDF, 38KB)
Women’s records as of June 2023: Club Records, Women, June 2023 (PDF, 39KB)

Rounds, Scoring and Awards

A guide to shooting rounds, establishing a handicap, and working towards classifications: Introduction to Rounds, Awards and Handicaps (PDF, 185KB).
We encourage all members, especially new ones, to have a look at this. Printable score sheets for the suggested rounds, and many others, are available below.
As scores need checking, it is essential that a score sheet is submitted to the records officer within one month of the shooting date. This can be on paper, as a photo of the score sheet attached to an email or by using one of the archery scoring apps. All paper score sheets handed in will be returned in a reasonable amount of time.

A guide to scoring both imperial and metric rounds: A Guide to Scoring (PDF, 216KB)
Outdoor rounds and classification tables: Outdoor Classifications and Handicaps | Archery GB (external link)
Indoor rounds and classification tables: Indoor Classifications and Handicaps | Archery GB (external link)

Our 252 award scheme: 252 Award Scheme rules (PDF, 40KB)
Various archery award schemes: Awards, Records and Achievements (PDF, 431KB). We currently offer awards for Archery GB Outdoor, Archery GB Indoor, Blaze, 252, and Frostbite.
Information about various events and competitions: Competitions and Fun Shoots (PDF, 100KB)

Club Score Sheets


252s for recurve, barebow, longbow and compound: 252s (PDF, 44KB)

Outdoor Imperial

York and Bristols 1 to 5: Bristols (PDF, 51KB)
Windsors: St. George, Long Windsor, Windsor, 50, 40, 30: Windsors (PDF, 53KB)
Westerns: New, Long, Western, 50, 40, 30: Westerns (PDF, 50KB)
Nationals: New, Long, National, 50, 40, 30: Nationals (PDF, 49KB)
Warwicks: New, Long, Warwick, 50, 40, 30: Warwicks (PDF, 53KB)
American and St. Nicholas: Others (PDF, 39KB)

Outdoor Metric

WA 1440 and Metrics 1 to 5: Metrics (PDF, 54KB)
Long Metric 90m and Long Metrics 1 to 5: Long Metrics (PDF, 49KB)
Short Metrics 1 to 5: Short Metrics (PDF, 46KB)
WA Standard, WA 900, WA 70m to 50m, and AGB 122s and 80s: WAs, 122s, 80s (PDF, 64KB)


Bray 1 and 2, Portsmouth, Stafford, Vegas, Vegas 300, Worcester, WA Combined, WA 25m, and WA 18m: Indoor (PDF, 64KB)


Frostbite: Frostbite (PDF, 35KB)